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Loving Little Looms

Welcome to my weaving website!

I love small hand and lap looms - the kind you can weave without warping first, where variegated yarns create surprising and beautiful plaids that are different on each shape loom. My goal is to create a catalog of samples on this site - samples of how different yarns work up on each of the looms I own. I have woven quite a few samples so far, now I just need to get them all up on the site! I will eventually have more than one sample page. Right now, on the one sample page I have, you can find a couple of finished projects as well as a few samples. There is a separate page which catalogs the stuffed animals I am making using both the looms and spool-knitters. I hope you find them helpful!

Since I love to travel, and intend to own an RV at some point so I can travel more freely, I do have one page on the site devoted to that topic. Hope you enjoy it - I know at least some weavers are fellow RVers!

I also have two blogs, Roving Weaver and Floss, Needle, Muslin. The first is devoted to weaving, the second to documenting my progress on the embroidered band sampler I have just started. They are a little picture-heavy, but the pictures are compressed, so they shouldn't take too long to load. :-) Happy Weaving! Laura

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I also have two other websites:

Scrapbooking in Sheeptopia

Sheeptopia's Altered Art

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